Our History

It all began in 1954, when Mr. Alberto Radicioni, which was born in 1925, bravely decided to change his life. As an employee of the historical “Valigeria Italiana” formerly called “Ezio Vajani”, a big company of the time like Spagnoli and Perugina, he took the difficult decision to set up his own workroom at number 21 Bulagaio street, where he continued to make trunks and hatboxes for the armed forces under subcontracts for the company where he had moved his first steps and acquired experience.

The move was so successful that the first orders were placed, for this reason he started to hire some employees in order to ensure the deliveries of hatboxes and suitcases.

In the meantime, Mr. Alberto continued to produce the typical trunks that were used in homes to place objects and the traditional trousseau.

In 1969 Mr. Alberto took the new decision to move the Baulificio Perugino from the historical center of Perugia to the outskirts of Ellera, in order to expand the production and acquire more and more important orders. He built the first factory, with an area of ​​1000 square meters, where it was possible to find everything necessary for producing, moulding and assembling, the joinery and painting room.

This investment immediately bore its fruit, since shortly after it began to produce military supplies on a large scale for the Italian State, for the Carabinieri and Finance corps. He also increased the range of trunks in order to satisfy his customers all over Italy.

In 1972 his daughter Maria Rita joined the company and immediately gave the company a managerial imprint.

In 1984 a larger and more modern factory was built, with an area of ​​2500 square meters, 6.5 meters high. The production started by Mr. Alberto still continues today in this place.

In 1995, the production was expanded with the introduction of aluminum profiles and the creation of the Ironbox brand. Today all our goods are produced under this brand.

Custmers have soon appreciated the lightness, design and quality of Baulificio Perugino’s goods.

In 2000 Fabrizio, Alberto’s nephew, joins the company and his innovative spirit, his continuous research in designing the most diversified type of containers lead to the opening of new market lines even in the horse riding and electro-medical fields.

Furthermore, the raw materials warehouse is immediately upgraded to provide a custom service aimed at satisfying the client with the single piece.

Currently, containers are produced for all uses, and they are all tailor-made.

By using the latest generation materials and technology, over the last few years Baulificio Perugino has been more and more specializing in the technical luggage a field.

And the story doesn’t end here ………